The Healing Waters of Cacique Spring

by James Nathan Post
Publisher: iUniverse
Release Date: 2001-07-17
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 168 pages
ISBN 13: 1469758946
ISBN 10: 9781469758947
Format: PDF, ePUB, MOBI, Audiobooks, Kindle

Synopsis : The Healing Waters of Cacique Spring written by James Nathan Post, published by iUniverse which was released on 2001-07-17. Download The Healing Waters of Cacique Spring Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. ... results of the afternoon's parasentient investigation. Buck Tyler took a seat among the group with Sharon, and settled down happily to watch the show. FIVE “When I was a child I took my vision. 50 The Healing Waters Of Cacique Spring. -- Young New Mexico archaeology professor Buck Tyler is a media-hound, pot-hunter, and womanizer. When a grizzled publisher of treasure-hunting stories hires him to persuade an group of psychic forensic investigators to use their powers to locate ancient Anasazi healing sites, they are joined by beautiful Pueblo Indian psychic-touch-reader Sharon Hightower on an expedition to a tiny village in southern New Mexico. There they discover the record of a tale of betrayal, murder, a wrongfully-acquired Indian healing spring, and an Anasazi ceremonial cave. When it becomes apparent that someone among the principals is involved in that long-past deception, they must discover the shaman's mystic secret to survive.