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Superman Shazam First Thunder

by judd
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Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
Pages: 147 pages
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Synopsis : Superman Shazam First Thunder written by judd, published by which was released on . Download Superman Shazam First Thunder Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. 0 O SUPERMAN / SHAZAM !: FIRST THUNDER # 2 final cover. SUPERMAN / SHAZAM !: FIRST THUNDER # 2 cover inks 0 ten Su O ce cs مها SUPERMAN / SHAZAM !: FIRST THUNDER # 3 cover sketches. -- Witness the thunderous first meeting between Superman and Shazam in this thrilling tale of magic, mayhem and monsters. While Superman must stop members of a cult from stealing ancient artifacts from the Metropolis Natural History Museum, Billy Batson must battle giant robots rampaging through the streets of Fawcett City. The Man of Steel and Earth’s Mightiest Mortal are on the case, but so are Lex Luthor, Dr. Sivana, Eclipso and the monstrous Sabbac!