Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

Release Date: 2018-05-15

Genre: Fiction

Romances were multiplied, and imitated; professional poets, not content with marvels that had now become familiar, sought for a new sensation in extravagant language and incident. The tales became more and more sophisticated, elaborate, ...

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The Come By Chance Western Romance Series Books 9 12

Publisher: Silky Oak Press

Release Date:


Historical Western Romance Juliet James. FUTURE BOOKS So. What's next? Well, even though the Come-By-Chance series is finished — sort of — there will, in the years to come, be more Come-By-Chance books. They may be set in a different ...

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Office Romance

Publisher: Rawson Assoc

Release Date: 1989

Genre: Psychology

... 167, 184-85, 248 Racal-Vadic, 245 RCA, 123 Rein, Catherine, 244, 250 Renewal, as stage in office romance, 38 Reputation games, 170-72 Risks, in office romance, 122-26, 131-36 Rites and rituals, in office romances, 112-13 Rodgers v.

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