Social Science


Publisher: Columbia University Press

Release Date: 1999-06-25

Genre: Social Science

By proposing that the retired hobbyist could add to the sum of knowledge , the author was stressing that retirement hobbies were not merelv like work ; they were work , with a measurable and valuable product .

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Your Book Of Hobbies

Publisher: St Pauls BYB

Release Date:


Preface The roots of Your Book of Hobbies lie in the development and maturation of my own hobbies of creative writing , public speaking , reading , music , and travelling as also the popularity of my hobby courses at the YMCA and elite ...

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Norman Smith s Hobbies

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

Release Date: 2019-11-07

Genre: Fiction

Mrs G had never really considered these passions as hobbies. They were too deeply seated in her subconscious. However, they did share some of the characteristics of hobbies in that they were all-consuming, existentially pointless, ...

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