Biography & Autobiography

Reading Biography

Publisher: iUniverse

Release Date: 2004

Genre: Biography & Autobiography

Gellhorn: A Twentieth Century Life by Caroline Moorehead “The first major biography of Martha Gellhorn,” Caroline Moorehead's publisher announces. So there is at least one minor biography? I hope readers will ask, for in fact there are ...

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Imaginative Biography


Release Date: 1834

Genre: Biography

Sir Walter Raleigh has been memorialized in hundreds of biographies . I cannot recollect that one has satisfactorily developed his character . He was a very great , but assuredly a mixed character ; heroic and sublime in adversity ...

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Ornithological Biography

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

Release Date: 2019-09-25

Genre: Fiction

Thereis a freshness and an originality about these essays, which can only be compared to the animated biographies of Wilson. Both these men contemplated Nature as she really is, not as she is represented in books; they sought her in her ...

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Goethe s Helena Goethe Burns 2 Characteristics Goethe s portrait Biography Boswell s life of Johnson Death of Goethe 3 Goethe s works Corn law rhymes On history again Diderot 4 Parliamentary history of the French revolution Sir Walter Scott Varnhagen von Ense s memoirs Petition on the copyright bill On the sinking of the Vengeur Baille the covenanter 5 Dr Francia An election to the Long Parliament Two hundred and fifty years ago The opera Project of a national exhibition of Scottish portraits The prinzenraub v 6 11 6 Signs of times Jean Paul Friedrich Richter again Schiller On fifteenth centures The Nibelungen lied Appendix 7 German Literature Life and writings of Werner 8 Jean Paul Friedrich 9 The life of Heyne German playwrights Appendix 10 Count Cagliostro Death of Edward Irving Appendix 11 Voltaire Novalis


Release Date: 1890

Genre: Essays

Another question might be asked : How comes it that in England we have simply one good Biography, this 1}oswell's Johnson ; and of good, indifferent, or even bad attempts at Biography, fewer than any civilised people?

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