American Houses

Publisher: HarperCollins

Release Date: 2004-03-09

Genre: Architecture

American Houses is a historical guide to the architecture of the American home. While other architectural field guides show only façades, this book includes floor plans, showing how the form of a house arises from its function.

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Old House Journal


Release Date: 1984-10


The Field Guide To American Houses This is one of those special books which really is for everyone — whether you're a preservationist, historian, or someone who just loves to take weekend strolls and admire old houses. A Field Guide To ...

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A Guide to Field Guides

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

Release Date: 1999

Genre: Nature

A Field Guide to American Houses . New York : Knopf , 1995. 525p . $ 23.95pa . ISBN 0394739698pa . 39 styles from the colonial period to the present ; pictorial key ; black - and - white photos ; arranged by period ; background ...

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